Hydromax - Whirlpool and Aeromax - Air Massage

We began with the idea that a whirlpool massage should adapt to you and your lifestyle. The Hydromax™ system, available on most MAAX bathtubs, comes with 6 ergonomically positioned water jets, each individually adjustable for maximum comfort and relaxation. You control the direction and flow of the jets to get exactly the type of massage you want on each part of your body—gentle and relaxing or invigorating and re-energizing.

Safety, comfort and efficiency
Hydromax™ is equipped with exclusive and ultra-safe suction that stops when obstructed. The air controls are under the bathtub to draw warmer air and maintain bath water temperature longer. This also eliminates the hissing sounds conventional air control can produce.

The Hydromax™ whirlpool system is equipped with a high performing variable speed pump for individual massage strength adjustment. The dry run pump's self-draining system works to eliminate stagnant water and keep your whirlpool clean, dry and completely hygienic.

Standard Hydromax™ features
6 direction and flow adjustable jets color coordinated with bathtub
1 variable speed self-draining pump, 1 HP, 120 volts
2 silent air controls
1 safe-operating suction system
1 electronic control including on/off control, 10 to 30 minute adjustable timer, digital water temperature indicator, speed regulator, and water level indicator (prevents pump from starting if water level is too low)

Added soothing for back and neck
Take the art of relaxation to even greater heights. The all-new Backmax™ massage system, an add-on feature available exclusively with Hydromax™, is an extra refinement that offers real soothing power. The system comes with five microjets that knead and caress the lower back while two rotating jets ease and eliminate stress that has accumulated in the neck.

Backmax™ features
5 lower back microjets and 2 rotating neck jets (white, chrome or polished brass)
Jets available for left or right installation on certain models

Regular whirlpools are also available with the following standard features:
6 directionally adjustable, color coordinated jets (white, bone or gray)
3/4 HP pump
2 color coordinated air controls (white, bone or gray) to adjust massage intensity
1 color coordinated on/off switch (white, bone or gray)

A true revelation, the Aeromax™ air massage system — available on most MAAX bathtubs — works with forced air injection. Its gentle, total body massage action soothes muscles and joints, developing and/or enhancing tone and strength.

Efficient and hygienic
The mini-jets at the bottom of the bathtub send up thousands of air bubbles, massaging sore muscles gently and efficiently. Depending on the model, 14 or 16 air jets offer a total body massage. Intensity and strength can be easily controlled by the user.

Aeromax™ jets are equipped with backflow preventer valves. This eliminates the subchamber normally found under bathtubs with traditional bubble systems, where water can stagnate and prevent normal system cleaning.

With Aeromax™, the water is entirely drained from the bathtub to guarantee hygienic conditions and finally make it possible to use bath salts, shampoo and other bath products. The massage cycle is factory set at 20 minutes. 15 minutes after shutdown, the system automatically starts back up for 30 seconds to dry the jet heads. This added feature optimizes and restores hygienic conditions.

Standard features:
14 or 16 air jets (depending on bathtub model) with backflow preventer valves, in white, bone or gray
Electronic control to regulate flow rate and pulsation
Hot air blower, 1 HP, 120 volts, with 300 watt heating element
Metal support with adjustable feet (a bathtub equipped with the Aeromax system is about 2 1/2 in. [63 mm] higher than the whirlpool or bathtub)
Automatic drying cycle

Regular air massage systems are also available with the following standard features:
12 color coordinated air jets (white, bone or gray)
1 HP hot air blower
1 color coordinated on/off air switch (white, bone or gray) with 0-20 minute timer and 3 speed massage regulator (low, medium, high)
Automatic drying cycle

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