Calculating Steam Sizes Made Easy

Follow these easy steps to determine the right brands & models

  1. Measure the length, width, and height in feet (i.e. 7'6" should be entered as 7.5) of the shower or tub you plan to use as your steam shower. Enter them in the appropriate boxes below:

    Length        Width        Height    Click To Calculate

  2. Does your tub or shower enclosure have any of the following? Click all that apply.
    You must check mark at least one of the selections below .

    1 Exterior outside wall
    2 Exterior outside walls
    Tile on 1 mud Wall
    Tile on 2 mud Walls
    An extra glass panel in addition to the door
    A cast iron tub or marble bench
    An interior wall in the tub or shower that is made of natural marble, stone, slate, glass block, or concrete

  3. This will give you the total cubic feet required.    Cubic Feet
Based On Your Sizing & Variables, We Recommend The Following:

Important: The formula for selecting the steambath generator is a recommendation only. Because of variables in construction, these sizing instructions and specifications should be considered as guidelines only.