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The Air Oasis 3000 XTREME countertop air purifier
    The Air Oasis 3000 XTREME countertop air purifier

    The Air Oasis 3000 XTREME countertop air purifier

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    The Air Oasis 3000 XTREME G3 countertop air purifier cleans the air in open rooms with higher contaminant levels up to 3000 square feet. This includes many commercial applications such as childcare facilities and nurseries, pet clinics, kennels, restaurants, bars, nail salons, hotel lobbies and other areas with a high number of occupants or strong odors. This model is also ideal for smaller areas with higher than average contaminant levels.

    This air purifier quickly and effectively reduces carbon-based contaminants, providing fresh, clean smelling air in only minutes. What are carbon-based contaminants? Some of the more familiar carbon-based contaminants include mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and volatile organic compounds.

    We accomplish all this by using the AHPCO (advanced hydration photocatalytic oxidation) technology developed by NASA and enhanced by the Air Oasis research and development team (Dr. Jeff Bennert, Jon Bennert and Dr. Nabarun Ghosh).



    Eliminates Odors

      • eliminates odors from
        • smoke
        • pets
        • food
        • cleaning chemicals
        • mold
        • and more.

    Reduces Contaminates

      • quickly reduces contaminants
        • odor causing VOC\'s
        • smoke
        • mold
        • bacteria
        • viruses
        • and other aeroallergens...

    Energy Efficient

    Many air purifiers on the market use 100 Watts or more of electricity. The Air Oasis 3000 XTREME G3 uses less electricity than a 45-Watt light bulb, saving you money and saving the environment every day.


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    Easy To Operate

    The Air Oasis 3000 XTREME G3 is simple to operate. There are no complicated multiple settings to learn, no routine maintenance to perform, or filters to change or clean. The device turns on with the flip of a single switch and there are no filters to change or clean. The only maintenance required is changing the AHPCO Cell every three years. The built in audible alarm indicates when the AHPCO Cell is ready for replacement. This air purifier is virtually maintenance free!

    An audible alarm indicates when the AHPCO Cell should be replaced.

    Power Source

      • 12VDC wall adapter (can be used overseas)
      • meets domestic and international standards


      • whisper quiet operation


      • 3000 sq. ft. (multiple units may be needed in areas of higher contamination)

    Dual Proprietary Technologies

    nano Nickel HCT PCO Technology

    The proprietary patent-pending Air Oasis nano Nickel HCT catalyst is superior to any PCO catalyst currently on the market. The nano Nickel HCT contains six rare catalyst metals. We also incorporate nano size particles and a special hydrating agent to increase the kinetic rate of reaction providing clean air fast!

    Germicidal UVC Light

    Our proprietary LongLife+™ technology is a specialty coating applied to all of our germicidal lamp products, eliminating the common problem of accelerated depreciation associated with higher intensity lamps.

    A standard quartz lamp maintains 65% of its UVC output at 9,000 hours. By utilizing our LongLife+™ technology, our UVC lamps maintain up to 80% of their output at 16,000 hours.

    Low Maintenance

      • zero maintenance for 3 years

    Durable Construction

      • 1/8" thick brushed metal housing, not a faux finish
      • internal metal components ensure long term use
      • Made In The USA




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    Manufacturer:Air Oasis
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    Product Name: Air Oasis 3000 XTREME G3
    Model Number: AO3000XG3
    Product Dimensions:
    AO3000XG3 - 4" x 4" x 14"
    Weight: Not Packaged: 5 lbs / Packaged: 6 lbs
    Electrical Specs: 12VDC 15 Watts
    Cord Length:

    6 foot cord

    Meets domestic and international
    standards. See label to the right.

    Airflow: 11 CFM
    Ozone Levels:
    AO3000XG3 - .09 ppm
    Square Foot
    - up to 3000 sq. ft.
    Settings: ON/OFF
    Materials: aluminum and polymers
    Working Temp: 0° - 122°
    Country of Origin: Made in the USA


    1. The germicidal UVC lamp destroys germs that pass through the rays of UV light.

    2. Light rays from the UVC lamp react with the nano Nickel HCT™ catalyst to produce catalytic molecules.

    3. Catalytic molecules seek out and destroy carbon-based molecules by converting them to harmless carbon dioxide and water.

    What are carbon-based molecules? A few examples are:

    *Odor causing VOC’s





    *and other aeroallergens...

    This breakthrough, originally developed by NASA, does not rely on filters and is virtually maintenance free. In fact, in many circumstances our AHPCO technology reduces contaminants more efficiently than a HEPA filter without the high cost of replacing filters on a regular basis

    Since air is not being forced through thick filters, large fans that require high amounts of electricity are not needed. This creates an extremely energy efficient air purifier that operates on a fraction of the electricity required by most air purifiers.

    A little more about Air Oasis

    Air Sanifiers® are carefully assembled by hand in our Amarillo, Texas factory. Each and every unit passes through our strict quality management system, where they are thoroughly inspected. This process ensures every customer receives the most reliable Made in the USA air purification products available.

    Air Oasis Air Sanifiers are not only assembled in our Amarillo, TX facilities, but we also fabricate many of the various components in-house. This allows for increased quality control. We do our best to purchase outside components from American companies and utilize American manufactures for parts not created in-house.

    Air Oasis Quality Assurance department strives for perfection. They review and modify our quality management system on a regular basis to ensure we aren't just maintaining, but continually improving the quality built into each and every Air Oasis Air Sanifier.

    Air Oasis strives to operate our business with integrity. We train our team members to practice good moral values in everything they do involving Air Oasis. Every team member at Air Oasis pledges to think about our customers first and foremost, whether they are mailing a letter or producing a product.

    The Air Oasis 3000XG3 comes with a 3 year warranty.

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